ALEM Sistem is a company with more then 20 years of experience in weather monitoring and sensors. During these years we have successful applications in energy sector, environment sector, flood applications, airport applications, road weather applications and smart city. During this period we implemented more then 300 automatic stations with more then thousand sensors in Adriatic region.   

Hydrological stations

Monitoring of water parameters is more important then ever in planet earth history! We provide full monitoring of water parameters, our stations are able to monitor water level, temperature, water quality, water discharge. Applications that we provide are Flood monitoring, Power Dam environmental monitoring, water quality monitoring, discharge monitoring.
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Meteorological stations

We see everyday big changes in meteorology! We also see that these changes affect everyday life of all citizens of planet Earth. With our meteorology stations we are able to provide complete monitoring of weather parameters. We can monitor: rain, snow, wind, humidity, sun radiation, snow package, hail and etc. Applications that are stations are used for: Meteorological departments, Airports, Monitoring agencies, Smart City, Energy sector, Mining and etc
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Weather stations for road monitoring

Road weather monitoring is challenge that every country has! With our custom made weather stations and software we are able to monitor and predict road status. With these informations road maintenance is easier, safer and cheaper.
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Agricultural Meteorology

Water, energy and food are three factors without which humanity simply cannot live! Agrometeorology systems combine the best practices and expertise of agronomy and meteorology in order to provide users with adequate support in the production of crops, resulting in better quality of the product and the savings in financial context.
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