IBM QRadar your start of journey to the SoC

Monitoring of all threats on one place-IBM QRadar

IBM Qradar is product that allows security professional's to have holistic approach to their security tools. Real time threat detection, analytical automatisation of logs and flows helps organisations to recognise what are real threats and what are false positive threats. With QRadar organisation have more security intel and we can say that QRadar can be heart of Security Operation Center.
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Do you know where your data is? Do you keep your data safe?

Database security and monitoring IBM Guardium

Cyber security and compliance are best ingredients for protection of data. With new standards as GDPR, protecting personal data was never more important. With IBM Guardium this security journey is much easier and safer. IBM Guardium will help you protect your structure data, and it is also able to protect different DB vendors.
In new age of remote work, you have to keep an eye on your endpoint!

Endpoint protection and response

Endpoint monitoring was never more important than in the New age of remote work. It is very hard to keep endpoint safe and secure. That is why our clients choose our solutions to protect their devices. We are working with vendors like Carbon Black, Cynet and Check Point.
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Do you have your firewall on right place?!

Firewall management and integration

Today organisation have to have secure access to the internet, network segmentation is still one of the best security tools for your organisation. We help clients to implement firewalls the right way, also we keep an eye that all the policies are in compliance with the best security standards. We are working with the vendors Fortinet and Check Point.
The Different Types Of Firewall Architectures
How vulnerable are you?

Vulnerability management solution-Qualys

Today with pressure of digitalisation of all process in the organisations it is hard to keep cyber security on high level. To protect your system you have to know your weak spots and vulnerabilities. With product like Qualys, we are able to help are clients to keep an eye on their vulnerabilities. Also we help them with procedures of patching and how to deal with vulnerabilities that they are not able to remove.
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Is your security team organised by best standards?!

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response made easy with Resilient

Does your security team has too many notifications and alerts, are they able to react fast on threats? Do you have procedures and security playbooks set up? Can you manage all attacks and go back through history to check all campaigns against your organisation? With IBM Resilient it is easy to set up all this, your security team can be one good working machine.
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Do you take care about your administrators?

Privileged access management-Secret Server

Your administrators are your most important users, and goal of every security team is to protect passwords and administrator users. With Secret Server we are able to protect and monitor privileged users! With features as digital vault, recording of keystrokes and recording of sessions your passwords will be safe.
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